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It's time for our living spaces to meet the needs of modern day renters.

Today's renters need a new housing option that is more flexible, efficient, & affordable. It is time for our homes to keep up with our rapidly changing world.

Union House is the first single-family home purposefully designed and built with teachers in mind.

Each bedroom comes with it's own private bathroom. The shared and private spaces are connected by a stairwell that allows people to choose between entering the public space to be with their housemates, or going straight to their suite when in need of some time to be alone.

Not at the cost of style or quality.

Affordable does not mean cheap. We will never sacrifice quality or experience to reduce costs.

Union House is intentionally designed with high-quality furnishings and modern amenities built into the monthly fee. The space will be one that tenants are proud and excited to live in.

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